How effective is LinkedIn for your business?

LinkedIn with your business

When we talk about social media marketing, LinkedIn is often the odd one out. These days, many B2B and B2C companies focus their efforts on more popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram, using LinkedIn only for hiring new talent and maintaining their CVs. That’s unfortunate because LinkedIn is a powerful tool in the right hands—and […]

What to expect from business coaching?

business coaching

When you start your own business you have a lot of questions, how to make a marketing plan, or In which social media platform should I use? How to communicate with my customers. A Business Coach will guide you through the process and help your business grow.

How to know if you have leaders

leadership qualities

Great leaders can take business to the next level. Successful leaders demonstrate the following leadership qualities: integrity, honesty, self-confidence, visionary, and more.

How does trade marketing work

trade marketing

If you’ve been following the blog for any length of time, you’re probably aware that marketing can be pretty complicated. There’s the confusion between digital vs traditional marketing, for example—or the fact that we lump everything from PR to graphic design to data analysis under the umbrella of marketing! If you’re not sure how certain […]