3 Tips To Give The Best Sales Pitch Ever

The sales pitch is arguably one of the most important things to master as an entrepreneur trying to get your products or services out into the world. Yet if certain key things are missing, you could be losing out on many great clients. Here I go over my three top tips for acing your sales pitch.

Establish authority  

From the moment you walk into the room or begin your Zoom meeting, you want to establish your authority. You see, some recommend letting your client do the talking first. I disagree. It’s better to be the first one there at the table stating what you can do and how you can help. Establish why you’re the right person for the job. Don’t give out all the tips though! You want to show them how you can help, but don’t give out all the info for free.


Then comes the time to listen. While this part encompasses listening to your client’s wants and needs at the meeting, it shouldn’t begin only then. Part of “listening” includes the time before the meeting when you do your research and look into the client. What do they need to improve? What does their social media lack? Know their competitors, how they can be different in their niche, and so on and so forth. This way, you can ask the right questions and show that you understand your client and their business. Then at the meeting, ensure you’re listening to their concerns and requests.

Be honest with Sales Pitch

Finally comes the part many entrepreneurs need to master. This one can be a little hard because sometimes, during the sales pitch especially, we want to make clients think we can do it all. But it’s so important to be honest and set realistic expectations about how we can help and what we can help with. It also may involve turning down business (and money, something we all hate to lose!). But trust me that as much as your client is evaluating you and whether they should hire you, you should be vetting them as well. If you don’t hit it off with that person, if they don’t seem like a fit for your company, be honest about that.

I hope you’re now feeling ready to give your best sales pitch ever! For more on how to give the best sales pitch ever, download my free guide here. Get in contact with me here for any questions or business inquiries. 

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