Why Targeted Email Marketing Is Still Relevant and How to Use it

Are email marketing strategies and newsletters still relevant? I get asked this question by many of my clients. The answer, plain and simple, is a resounding yes! If someone has subscribed to your newsletter, that means you have something to provide them. Let’s talk about the basics of email marketing and ways you can build your customer base. 


If the content is king, then consistency is queen! If you say you’ll send out an email a week, well, send out that email once a week! While some may be conversational, some may be promotional, etc., you’re looking for that one email that’s going to speak to a particular person and turn them into a client/customer. While this week’s email may not convert a person, next week’s or the week’s after might. Keep at it!

Promotional Email Tips

When it comes to promotions, less is more. You want your customers or clients to feel like they are getting a great value and a limited offer. If you’re always running promos, they’ll not feel that sense of urgency to “buy now!” Remember my strategy: Emails need to be IEMA (informative, entertaining, memorable, and actionable). 

Email Titles and Previews

Titles are important! This is the first thing people see when they scroll through their phones checking their email. You want a title that succinctly says what they’re going to get by clicking. There is then the preview, where you can give a little more info. Getting someone to open that email is a huge accomplishment. That means people are interested in what you’re offering. 

Email Software Tools

Be sure to make use of technology when it comes to sending out emails. Software tools can help you schedule emails to go out. They can also help read your email and alert you as to whether the words you’re using will be targeted as spam. Sometimes it can be as simple as using too many exclamation points. 


Again, content is king! Your content should have intention. The intention is a conversion… meaning turning people into clients or customers. You also want your newsletter to look beautiful, so make sure it looks professional and user-friendly. Also, keep responsiveness in mind. Will your email look good on desktop computers? Tablets? Phones? And end with a thank you note!

There is so much to email marketing, but once you master it, you will start bringing in the customers. Need help? We’re here! Learn more here. And contact us if you’d like to take the next step and get help with managing your email!

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