What Does Leadership Mean? My Top 8 Skills that Entrepreneurs Need to Know

As an entrepreneur, you’re likely to reach a turning point in your career. Trust me, I started my agency The Darl after the age of 40! You start out relying on your vision and critical thinking to launch your new venture. Then, as your operations grow, you find that leadership skills and management skills become more important.

So what does Leadership Mean?

Whether you’re like me and are a natural-born leader or have to work at some aspects of your new role, with practice, you can strengthen your leadership skills in these essential areas. 

Create a Company Culture

Engage your employees and develop the relationships you need internally and externally. Build a support network that enables you to seek advice, discuss ideas, and discover other points of view. Company culture is very important to me at The Darl. We have monthly challenges, and celebrate birthdays, and I have an “open-door policy” where if any employee is having issues they know they can come to me without judgment.

Ask Questions

Show others that you care by taking an interest in them. Find out more about what motivates your employees and what their personal goals are. Seek help when you need it so you can make sound decisions and benefit from the experience of others.

Share Feedback

Ask others how you’re doing. They’ll appreciate your regard for their opinion, and you’ll help each other to grow. Every morning, we have a Zoom call, sometimes with over 20 people! I always take the time to share feedback to each of my employees and make sure no one is missed.

Provide Inspiration

Lead by example. Another important leadership skill is to be able to let your passion and purpose unite your team. Discuss your mission statement and integrate your vision with your daily actions. Use one-on-one meetings and other tools to help employees align personal and organizational goals.

Cultivate your Image

Depending on your company culture, you may be able to wear sweatshirts to work. On the other hand, you may need to adopt a more corporate look and consider some basic PR. Even though The Darl is a 100% remote, global agency, our team is required to still look professional.

Develop Financial Literacy

Treat your business like a business. At a minimum, ensure that you can read a balance sheet and income statement. This is an essential leadership skill.

Master Technology

Digital equipment and software are central to almost any workplace today. Keep up with the latest trends. The Darl uses Airtable, Slack, Sked, and Zoom to keep not only our employees but our clients well-informed and to better streamline business.

Give Back

Being socially responsible can strengthen your business and make your stakeholders happier. Support worthy causes and contribute to your community.

With enough commitment and effort, you can make the transition from solo entrepreneur to an effective leader. Understand your strengths and weaknesses, hone your leadership skills, and put together a winning team that will help your company to grow and succeed. 

Book your complimentary discovery call with me and let’s set you up for success. 

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