Episode 96 – Coffee N5 – Why Is Targeted Email Marketing Still Relevant and How to Use it with Lara Schmoisman

In the age of social media ads, influencer marketing, and pop-up ads offering users discounts and savings, many business owners find themselves asking one fundamental question: Is email marketing even worth it anymore? In this episode, digital marketing CEO Lara Schmoisman shares why email marketing is still the most effective targeted marketing tool out there and provides other entrepreneurs with insight into how they can make email marketing work for their business.

What you’ll learn: 

  • Lara shares the elements of effective email marketing that she calls “the king and queen” of emails — and how you can use them to your advantage
  • How (and why) to write a timely, unique lead magnet that generates urgency 
  • How to write an email headline and subheadline that keeps your email out of the spam folder and increases your open rates

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Lara Schmoisman  0:03  

So many times I have this question asked to me from prospective clients, friends, anywhere our email still working? And my answer is absolutely. Emails always work on, they have the highest rates conversion rate conversion. Why I always give this example. There is this restaurant that my kids when they were little they loved. It wasn’t that close to me. It was a little far, but my kids absolutely loved what they serve. And every time that we were in the area, we will go to that restaurant, this restaurant, you will subscribe to their website, and they will send you every week some coupons. And you can use them in the restaurant, and there were significant coupons. So of course, I’m a coupon lady. So I need to use them, like probably most of you guys. And so I again, I was fired from these restaurants. So what I will do is I will every week receive the email, and every week I will swipe to delete it, I didn’t need it. But if I heard that someone was going or I was in the area, and I wanted to go and say Oh, hold on, I have my coupon and I will go into my trash and find the coupon. So that’s the power of mute newsletters. I many times people will not use your newsletters. But the fact that they do not unsubscribe means that they’re still in the back of their mind. Someone who is subscribed to your newsletter means that it’s still you’re still relevant for them. And ergo, they don’t unsubscribe. So this is something to really keep in mind, people will not convert, because they subscribe one time to your newsletter needs to be the right time at the right place and the right offer and the product that the people will need at that moment. So the only thing that you can do is to keep creating those offers and keep creating those emails, we’re going to be talking about different kinds of emails. First of all, we’re going to be talking about consistency. Consistency is king, having content is king. Consistency is going. And it’s really important that if you’re going to be sending, it’s about educating your audience also, that if you’re going to send an email per week, you really need to send that email once a week, you cannot be sending one week on one week off, you need to send it every single week, that’s a weekly email, then you can have specific promotions that can be X amount of emails, that is in certain amount of time, that is for certain promotions, I do not love to do promotions all the time, because you don’t want to be that that store that people would never buy without the promotion. So I like to make the promotions that are temporal. And that you will use them for a time. And then you will not have the same promotion another time. I like I love the coupons, but to use them and their promotions. But you need to make sure that those promotions are unique. And you generating that urgency that it will make people want that promotion and use it because they know that they’re not coming back those athletes that same promotion. So that promotion you need to have a time set is going to start they say and it’s going to finish this day and it’s going to have so many different emails. Remember my system that i e m a system, everything needs to be informative, entertaining, memorable and actionable. But when we’re talking about promotions, the conversion is very clear. And we want people to we want to create that urgency to convert immediately. Let’s talk about a few other things.


When we send emails, there are very, very, very important aspects. Remember, when you’re gonna get an email in your phone, the first thing that you’re going to see is you’re going to look at the email titles are important, but really are important that you’re going to choose wisely. Not only the content that you put there, you need to be informative. They need to know what is about in the title, people need to understand what you’re about to offer or why you’re going to be talking about. Then you have the preview in the preview unit to be a little more informative. But always keep in the voice of your brand. And make sure that it’s understandable and it’s a clear message that will I think gonna be inside the email, someone who opens the email and don’t first don’t sweat, they don’t unsubscribe, and they open the email opening rate is really an important factor of email marketing. Because emails are super important for people to open. If they open it means that they are interested in your service your product, you’re doing something right. And people are interested in something that you are actually offering. Maybe it’s not the right time, maybe at that point that they do it. And they forget. That’s why when you do promotions, they need to be sent at different days and different times, because maybe at some time of the day, I’m always super busy. And I don’t have to do it. But if you said it to me at night, oh, maybe I haven’t done there to do the promotion. Always say promotions need to be or emails, measurable. Use tools in email marketing, that you can measure the click through rate, open the CTR. Then you can measure the people who click and you can see what are the click, you need to see what is interesting for your audience. Okay, some of the software’s have an amazing tool that it’s scheduling, and also incredible to that it’s spam, they will really read whatever you sending in the message and see if some of the words that you’re saying will be flagged as spam. Don’t forget to use that. Because the spam, it’s it’s tricky, because depends of like, for example, if I use Gmail or Hotmail, or whatever you use, if I ever did click on something and say this is spam, they use certain keywords. The filters from now on might be using those keywords, and depends on what you’re sending out. So you need to be very conservative, and make sure that you are very clear on what we use with keywords. Like for example, if you use a lot of exclamation points of question marks that can take you some points and it will be considered like spam. Okay, so we talk about point one something Kline preview, let’s talk about the content. The Remember, always we talk about content with intention. content with intention means that in this case, our intention is a conversion, it will send us to a landing page or to your website where people can actually convert, we want people to be able either to if you’re a service provider to contact you via via a form or phone number to get that consultation, or getting to an email, calendar and book an appointment. Or we can if you’re selling a product, you want to go to the x or copy for services to you have a landing page that generates the conversion only for that promotion. That’s really important. You want to make it really clear for your consumer that to take advantage of that promotion.


And you need to make sure that it’s beautiful. That’s something really important. And we find out that when you send really attractive newsletters, easy to read, and they use their credit for user experience, it will get a lot better traction. Also, it shows we have clients that when they start working with us, our emails look really professional not only how they’re written, but also how they look. And that’s really important as a user experience that they can find information. But also they see that some is something done professionally. And that generates a bigger conversion. Another thing that it’s extremely important when you do your emails, you need to think about responsiveness. Right? Being responsive means you know, when you’re in the browser, and you’ll make it smaller, smaller, smaller, smaller, and the text starts adjusting and the image starts adjusting well that’s essential for email marketing, you need to make sure that the person who’s gonna be a desktop and that is going to be also in. In cell phones, tablet, they are going to have a good experience and they are going to be able to be informative. There’s going to be entertaining because it’s beautiful graphics. The information that you put in providing is interesting. They need to be memorable. And that’s what I come up with the graphics not only the brand voice needs to be memorable also how we show the brand and the images that we use and actionable, create that urgency and create that CTA or call to action. And that’s about one that is gonna prepare you. But remember, email marketing, it doesn’t end in the email itself, it ends in the creating that connection with a landing page that it looks alive, that is going to be part of that system of ecosystem. And people will be clicking and making a purchase. Don’t forget, it doesn’t end here, if you’re having a special promotion, and they buying that an asset checkout or an asset booking, don’t remember that experience ends in the thank you note or the configuration. We talk only about the promotion, email marketing. So far, there are other email marketing like a newsletter, it’s going to be a weekly newsletter, and they have some determine content that is going to be always in that newsletter, of course, you can change it add and remove things time to time according to what your audience wants. But you need to make sure that the always providing content for your audience is not only always trying to sell something, you need to be informative, and you need to give, give and give and then people eventually will buy. So there are many other forms of newsletters, but those are the most important ones and the same principles apply. Some point I think we should have another talk about automations. Email automations are very, very important. And we use them a lot and create a lot of conversion but that will be for another talk. So thank you for so much for being here with me. And I will see you next week. See you then



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