Episode 104 – Coffee N5 – Clickable, Not Clickbait: The Secret to Great Subject Lines with Lara Schmoisman

In this special solo episode, Lara Schmoisman discusses how to optimize your marketing emails’ subject lines to increase your open rates.

What you’ll learn:

  • Lara shares the annoying marketing mistake entrepreneurs MUST avoid so they don’t alienate their audience
  • Lara discusses the power of language (no matter what language you speak!) to convey your unique message
  • Lara shares the importance of authenticity and why copying someone else (even if they’re successful!) is not the key to effective email marketing

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Lara Schmoisman  0:04  

Hello, hello, how are you, everyone, I’m so happy you’re here. And I’m so happy to be here. Today we’re gonna talk about one of my most favorite subjects, that is email marketing. You know how I feel about email marketing, I think that email marketing is a super powerful tool, and everyone who’s in business should be using it and not only rely on social media marketing, I feel email marketing gets amazing results, and you shouldn’t miss out. So today, I’m sure that if you’re listening to this mini class is because you’ve been trying to do email marketing, and your opening rate is low, or your opening rate is equal, get better, or you don’t even know where to start. So I’m here for you. And I want to give you some tips. I have some notes. And I let’s start from the beginning. I don’t do have an email software. That’s the first thing, make sure that is an email software, do your research, I have my recommendations, you can go to large muslin.com. And see what I suggest they are my favorite lately is Active Campaign. I feel like it’s doing a great job for me. But also I feel like there is something else about it that which is given me great data. And with great data I can analyze and I can see the results, I can see what is working and what’s not working. And also I can understand my my clients, I can understand who’s seen the other side, and what do they want to click? And where do you click. So with that said, that’s really important.


Let’s start with that. Let’s start with the my first first most important information that is who is in the other side? Who are you talking to? I mean, you cannot talk everyone the same way. That’s why it’s really important that if you have multiple business, you have multiple email accounts on the list, you don’t work the same email for everyone because your success rate is going to turn absolutely tanked. You need to make sure that you’re talking to your audience. And let me tell you a few mistakes that I made on that make my success rate going down. For example, I got most of my audience, there are always people that are going to source and subscribe. Just don’t take it personal, even if your friend, there’s some people that are never going to be your clients and that’s fine with it and just deal with it, it’s better to have less people in your lives by get a better conversion rate. You need to make sure that you don’t go see your audience that you’re connecting all the time that they are engaging, and people that they’re still there and you have an opening, right and people are reading good for you because those people are having in the back of your mind. And so I think you need to make sure that you got you got to try it and that you are getting there to that audience and you’re engaging with them. And that you get them more and you give them more of what they need. So that’s, that’s one thing. So the other let’s talk about subject lines depends of the provider that you will use. You’re gonna have two parts one and that’s why ActiveCampaign is one of my favorites because they not only offer you the subject lines, also the offer your preview, subject line is something to get people hook and the preview is to explore a little more and dive deep in what you’re going to be Talking about and make it interesting for people to finally go and open the email. So you have a double double opportunity there, that which you should never take for granted. Because more is more in this case anyway. So let’s start from the beginning, if you do have your email list, let’s make sure that your email list is segmented. And it’s not worth it to add friends or family that they never gonna care about their business. And it’s just Yes, you can say you have more people in your list. But what important is important in the list is a conversion rate. This is business people, and we don’t care of numbers. The same with social media, the we care about followers is a popularity contest. Absolutely not, it’s just about getting more business we are doing business we are about to move our business forward is not about numbers, the only numbers that we should make look at are the numbers in our bank account and make sure that we are not in the red. Okay, so let’s keep talking about those subject lines. We’re gonna go for one more minute back to your email providers, email service provider, you need to make sure that you using all the information that that they provide. Some of them have the service called spam check. And it’s great to know that if your titles and previews are really going, passing that spam check, the SEC guarantee that you’re not going to end in the spam folder. Absolutely not. Because you don’t know how the person set up their email to what keywords is going to be a trigger their spam folder, but most likely, in most.


What if software says is that you don’t have any of those trigger trigger words or trigger sentences or, or symbols that can affect the opening and writing of email, that’s really important. So what’s a good opening? Right? That’s something that I cannot tell you. I mean, I will say that anything over 20 is great. But again, depends on your kind of business depends on what kind of list you have, if you have a list that you inherited from other business, or people that you weren’t in that for a long time, probably your conversion rate is going to be much, much lot lower. Another thing, that’s why, if you’re going to be doing this, you need to start Amby Amby cohesive, and do it every single week, if that’s what you decide, or every twice a week, or whatever you decide, each business is different, and each business should have their unique strategy. Okay, so another thing that really worked for me and for our clients is to be authentic. We talked about this many, many times. And we talk about having a brand voice. So you need to make sure that your brand voice resonates with your audience, that your brand voice is something that is really going to work with your people, and they’re going to want to get so first of all be true to who you are or to your brand. Always need to be part of who you are. So that and also remember, it’s all about storyline for me. Of course, if you have a product and you have a great sale, that’s something that you want to say but then you use a preview box to say to me in force there the idea of what you are offering and be clear you don’t want people to get disappointed either because maybe they open this email and then next time I’m gonna say no, this brand is always set me off. I hate I personally hate when I get a good promotion and then I open it. It wasn’t that real. It wasn’t what were promised me worse than they are. Or even worse when I go on I see an amazing pair of shoes, then I and I click because they want those shoes. And then those shoes are not in an offer. That’s superbly support in doing so. Those things are always important to keep in mind. The next thing is about being a little intriguing and enticing. So not to over promise and under the labor. But if you’re going to be using storytelling like I do on my Thursday emails, please feel free to subscribe large wiseman.com. And you can, you can see how I use storytelling in order to connect my audience to what I do and what I can do for them. And how in this process, and what I’ve been learning all this year can benefit my audience as well. So good. Good ideas for your emails are always asking questions or something that happened to me, or sometimes just the shock factor, that shock factor works well for me. And since today, we’re only talking about subject lines, I just want to talk about, yeah, I mean, I don’t have a problem in my brand to say bad words, and other people do. And who ever doesn’t like it, they can unsubscribe, no problem with that. And so, again, I want to give you a few pointers that to me, are really essential in a good subject line. First of all, never lie to the audience. Never mislead them. Always be true to your products and your voice. Like if you are going to again, you’re going to have a sale, be honest about the sale, if it’s all the products or if part of the products, if you have a previous line, take advantage of that previous line to to confirm or to go deeper in what you’re offering. There is nothing worse than a disappointed customers. 


Another thing is something that I won’t do is like attention, you’re gonna miss these or I believe that we we have enough words in this beautiful language, English or in every language that we can convey what we want to say. So it shouldn’t be an issue to use our words and create unique subject lines and interesting subject lines. Something else I want to tell you is like you don’t have competitors, you have people that you admire, but there are themselves, don’t try to copy them. Don’t try to cheat, see what works for them. Because you are you you’re different. So be unique. Make things your own, that’s really important. And something also I want to make sure that you use personalization. You can use personalization, even in the subject line. And that’s important, that’s important that you feel like you’re talking to someone don’t talk general talk to one person, the other person that is in the other side, and that they want to be there for you. Um, well, I hope that all these things help you and I would love to hear questions and also ideas. What do you want me to talk next week? So just send the message here and we’ll make sure that we answer so. I hope that these minutes class about copywriting and subject lines was useful for you. If it was please send me a message. I really appreciate your messages. So thank you again and talk to you later.



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