Coffee N5 Podcast - Mirela Sula

Episode 84 – Coffee N.5 –  Giving Women a Platform to Speak Up with Mirela Sula

Today, we speak with Mirela Sula, founder of Global Woman Limited. Mirela is all about women empowerment, one of the reasons she was a top pick for International Women’s month. Her passion is helping other women. Mirela also wants to encourage women to speak up and speak out. She knows women have a lot to say. They often just need a platform! 

She started in media, where she realized from interviewing many different women that we all have things in common. From there, she branched out into helping other women with their businesses. 

In her experience, she has noticed that people want to empower women, but then once women come out and discover their power, they’re told to scale it back. In terms of positive changes, she sees that now, more than ever before, women are uplifting each other rather than seeing each other as competition. Mirela also stresses that she doesn’t give women the power to speak confidently but instead permits them to unleash that power already inside them.

She is also the editor in Chief of Global Woman Magazine, founder of Global Woman Club, a Business & Psychology coach, an award-winning Media & Marketing expert, Entrepreneur, best selling author, and a TV show host at Global Woman TV.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s essential for women to have the opportunity to articulate what they want to say.
  • Women are aligned with and supportive of one another these days more than at any other time.
  • How Mirela helps women find their voice.
  • What women across the world have in common.
  • Men as a part of the global women community. 
  • Allowing ourselves to make mistakes, and the mistake Mirela made that she thinks others can learn a lot from.

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