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Episode 83 – Coffee N.5 –  How to Give a Sales Pitch that Closes Deals with Lara Schmoisman

In this episode of Coffee N5, Lara Schmoisman herself gives tips on how to pitch yourself so you get that deal. Her biggest tip? She believes in telling the client your story…letting them get to know you for you and building a strong sense of trust. Creating a connection is the way to close deals with staying power.

When you sit there and make your sales pitch, take the time to talk to your client, to get to know them. As much as you want to close the deal and gain a new client, you’ll also be vetting the client to make sure they’re a good fit for you because is a collaboration above all.

Lara explains that you need to do your research and make sure you understand what they do. Because when you deliver your pitch, you want to make sure the potential client knows that you understand their business. And when you tell them what you can do for them, be sure to keep it real. Overpromising and under-delivering are worse than losing a client, so be real! Be honest and realistic about what you have to offer and what results can be expected.

In all, be sure to create that rapport between you and your potential new client. It will go a long way toward the future of your business!

What you’ll learn:

  • The learning curve when it comes to how to pitch a service.
  • The importance of forming a relationship with your client.
  • Do your homework, what needs changing? What do they offer?
  • Being honest with your client.

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Lara Schmoisman  0:05  

This is Coffee N5. I’m your host, Lara Schmoisman. Hi, everyone. Welcome back to Coffee N5. I’m excited to be here today. And I’m by myself. Today, I want to talk about something that I learned along the way of opening my own company. And as I’m in a company that offers services, I had a learning curve of how to offer my services and how to pitch myself, I took a lot of classes, those free classes that they offer paid classes they offer. And I heard a lot of people saying, it’s all about the client, and absolutely is all about the client or the prospective client, and you need to do your homework and know what they’re doing, what they’re lacking, and how to pitch your services 0r what you can improve, but also is about your authority. In my case, I found out that is better for me, instead of going hard and trying to offer my services. It’s just who I am. Tell them my story, how did I get here, and why they should trust me. And I mean, I will never hire someone that I don’t trust. I mean, I offer services. So services mean that you start the relationship with the client, that you’re going to be working together, there’s going to be a collaboration. So if you want to have all those things working for you, what you need to do is create that credibility. Of course, I have a deck and I will send a beautiful scope of work and a contract and everything it was already planned. But the first step is that approach, when, after they call whatever CMR experience you have or way you approach new clients, there is going to be that moment that you need to create a connection. And that connection to me, it’s about being honest, I mean, if you’re a good fit. I mean, I know that many times probably I spend a lot of time talking to people getting to know people, and maybe we’re not a good fit, maybe they cannot afford us or maybe it’s just not the right time. So what I learned is that we need to get to know people you never know if that person doesn’t work out, but maybe they have someone else that will be a good fit for you. And of course, it’s about that connection we discussed already in other episodes, that you need to feel that connection, you need to feel like you can really, really help that prospective client that you understand what they’re offering. And they need to believe that you do understand their offering, that if they offer other services, you do your research, so you can speak the same language, that same native language so they feel understood and they feel like you are capable of working for them and benefiting because you know what they have to offer. So first up, do your homework make sure you take note that in my case, I do marketing so what do I look for? I look how is your website? I make notes is it well done or is not well done? What services do they offer, how is their SEO setup, do they have ads, I try to gather as much information as I can, in order to to have a conversation with them. But for me is always critical that they get to know me first. And I create that connection, that rapport that you feel like you can really work together. Otherwise, I feel like if you don’t feel like connection many times, I’d rather say this is not a good fit. I don’t think that we can work for you. I don’t think that is the right time. Just be honest. Be authentic, keep it short, go to the point and declare, tell them who you are and what you can do for them. I prefer to lose a client than and later on to get it because it’s not the right time. We can keep a great relationship or maybe they refer someone else that promises and deliver. If something I knew for the doing the opposite. I always raise the bar. So I hope that you learn something new or maybe just reinforce what you know about your pitch. But if I have to tell you something is do your homework. Be confident, short, and to the point. establish your authority and explain why you’re the best person to help them with a problem. And be prepared. Be prepared to answer questions. I hope this helps and I see you next week in coffee number five. Was so good to have you here today. See you next time. Catch you on the flip side. Ciao ciao.


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