Don’t Make This Rookie Mistake While Building Your Website

When starting your business, there’s a lot you can do to help it skyrocket. Building a website tops the list.

There are several reasons why website development is important.

Businesses have gone far beyond selling to people around you. You have to build a digital presence. And a website helps you do that. A website helps you gain credibility, generate leads, and even convert more clients.

There are thousands of businesses like you in your industry, so you must focus on building a website that defines your business and can be found by your target audience.

You have to look for ways to make your business website stand out.

Rookie mistakes you can make when you’re starting your website

  • Not knowing why you’re building your website: A lot of times, business owners focus on the most irrelevant reasons for building a website. You’re not trying to compete with a website. Your website is supposed to grow and evolve as your business does. This means that as a small business, you could start with a small website and then keep building that. Don’t try to create a huge website from day one. Your business may grow or something may change, and you’ll not have a lot to repair.

  • Not knowing the content management system (CMS) you’ll be using: Even though a website developer will be in charge of building your website, you should decide and know what hosting platform you’ll use. You can use WordPress, Shopify, or WooCommerce for e-commerce. Talk with your developer and know the pros and cons of each of them. Find someone you trust and ask questions. Know what you need for the website and prioritize choosing a platform.

  • Forgetting the user experience: The user experience depends on the functionality of your website. You have to pay attention to how people will use and navigate your website. It should be easy to use. Don’t think about what you like. Think about your audience and what they’ll prefer.

  • Not making provisions for the mobile use of your website: Let’s face it: A lot of people who’ll use your website will use it on their mobile phones. Hence, you must make sure that there is an equal user experience for mobile phone users. Your website needs to be mobile-friendly.

  • Losing sight of the metrics: Make sure your website is SEO-friendly. You need to capture all the relevant metrics and know the details. For example, how many people visit your website, and how many people stay on the website? This will help you to improve your site and make it more visible to your target audience.

Tips to build a strong and efficient business website

  1. Do your research.
  2. Use SEO best practices (both technically and for your content).
  3. Make your website easy to navigate and pay attention to your user experience — nothing beats a fast website.
  4. Highlight or make important information bold.
  5. Invest in great copy.

Aside from building a great website, there are other ways to stand out in the digital world. Creating exciting and engaging content will distinguish you and translate into big revenue for your business. Sign up for my free masterclass and learn how to navigate the digital ecosystem.

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