How much can SEO increase Traffic? 4 Tips to Optimize your Site

Ask almost any business owner what’s at the top of their holiday wish list. You’ll probably hear the same answer. (Go ahead, I’ll wait!)

Yes, that’s right: “more customers”. It’s the single biggest thing that can make or break your success, and most of our business goals are crafted around chasing those elusive customers. 

Well, if you haven’t already started putting SEO tactics into practice, you’re really missing out on those sweet conversions. Whether you’re leading a new or established company, a few simple tips can help you grow your SEO traffic. Here’s how professional Search Engine Optimization services get started:

If you already know a little about SEO, you’re probably aware that inbound links can give your site a great boost in search results. But did you know that links to other sites are valuable, too? 

Outbound linking is a key part of any good SEO strategy, as long as those links go to trustworthy, relevant, and authoritative sites. This tells Google that your content is relevant and helpful in the same way those sites are. Plus, linking out to other sites, both in your niche and outside of it, can increase the chances that they’ll return the favor in the future!

2. Offer Valuable Content

Content is still the star of the show when it comes to improving your SEO. Think about it: you want to showcase your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness—or your E-A-T. There’s no better way to do that than with the right content! 

Publishing helpful content on an ongoing basis will not only attract readers looking for value. It will also help you get ahead in the search engine results pages. (But don’t forget to write for humans first and search engines second.) One added bonus? In a world where we love to share helpful and interesting info, great content increases the chances of readers sharing your posts on social media. This kind of organic sharing tells Google that your content adds value, and it brings new readers to your site.

3. Pick the Right Keywords

Gone are the days when websites tried to rank for every possible keyword. Shady keyword-stuffing practices have been thrown out the door. Instead, shoot for natural, long-tail keywords that mimic what a real-life searcher would type. This makes it easier to fit relevant words into your content, and it also makes your visitors more likely to convert. 

4. Optimize Your Images

A picture is still worth a thousand words, but only if some of those words are used to craft image descriptions! Are you adding relevant keywords to your images’ alt text, descriptions, and titles? If not, you’re missing out on opportunities to help Google Image Search understand and catalogue your image. And with hundreds of millions of people using Google Images to explore content, that’s a lot of potential site visitors you’re missing out on.

No matter the size or scale of your business, these proven strategies can help you score more site visitors in no time. Once you’ve gotten a taste, you may end up turning to SEO services. You’ll want to see how much further you can go! 

If you’re looking for more content to help you make the most of your business, check out my podcast for the strategic insights you need.

Lara Schmoisman, CEO & Founder of The Darl and Marketing Simplificado

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