What to Expect from Business Coaching

When people gush about running their own business, they never tell you one key truth: the job is pretty lonely. Don’t get me wrong—entrepreneurship is very rewarding. But when every decision rests on your shoulders, it can feel like you’re alone against the world.

That’s why the right business coaching can be the most valuable resource you can get your hands on. 

If you’ve been thinking about finding a mentor, you might be wondering what to expect from them. What kinds of expertise can they bring you, and how do they actually help? Let’s take a look at what you should expect from any coach you work with you and recommend best business plan.

What Should You Expect in Terms of Qualifications?

For some, searching for the right business coach can feel like a challenge for one surprising reason: the industry isn’t regulated. Technically, anyone can call themselves a business coach!

However, the best business coaching will have qualifications related to the field you need help with. They should have advanced degrees in sales, marketing, management, or other related areas. They should also have a wealth of experience within a business environment, and many also go through professional coaching programs for further certification. Don’t hesitate to ask about a prospective coach’s background and expertise!

What Should You Expect From Your Business Coaching Sessions?

As you might expect, every business coach will run their sessions a little differently. In general, though, you should expect to engage in a range of activities, including one-on-one meetings, assignments and assessments, and critiques and feedback. Your coach may offer personal support, or they may help with structured business strategies and planning. Sessions can last as long as you need, from a few months to years.

On a broader level, there are three main formats for coaching assistance:

  • Transactional coaching: This results-focused coaching style is about giving you the information you need to succeed in business. From offering up cutting-edge marketing strategies to helping you manage your workflow or team. This type of coaching offers practical tips to help with your day-to-day and long-term business needs.
  • Transformational coaching: This style focuses on transforming your mindset and developing your skills. It can include things like re-framing your perspective on success or working to create a growth mindset to help you approach your own challenges in a better way.
  • Accountability: This style is, as the name suggests, about helping you set your own goals and holding you accountable to them. This is also where you’ll receive feedback and analysis on what is and isn’t working with your brand.

Most coaches will use a combination of all three of these strategies. But you might find that they lean more heavily on one or two to better meet your needs.

Again, it’s worth keeping in mind that every business coach will do things differently. More than that, your business coach will adjust their strategies to meet your requests and needs. You should always feel like you and your coach are working together to shape your sessions into something that works for you. Not like your coach is running the show without your input your business get benefits. In my coaching sessions, for example, the goal is always to find better ways to get you thriving where you need it most.

Whatever your challenges, having a coach on your side can make a huge difference to any organization. From setting better goals to establishing long-term strategies, the right coach can make all the difference. If you’re looking for a coach to partner with, book a free discovery call with me to learn more! You can also check out my other blog posts to get a feel for the insights and guidance I can help you with.


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