The goal of Coffee N 5 is to help you let go of what’s holding you back and become the person you’re meant to be. How you market yourself or your business is one of the key factors of success. Crack a smile or laugh out loud when you listen but always learn something new. Capitalize on the experience of others and acquire strategic insights.In each episode, we will connect with personalities and influencers from different backgrounds and fields. All this will be tied together with our mission to make everything as simple as possible, so use a takeaway and make it your own.

Coffee N 5 with Lexie Smith
Episode 22
Learn to DIY Public Relations
with Lexie Smith

Being strategic in public relations can have big wins, and they can happen fast. Where do you start and what are you trying to accomplish? Today in Coffee N5, Lexie Smith, who is the founder of an online PR coaching platform and corporate training program called  “The PR Bar”, explains in our one on one conversation the business basics, common differences with marketing campaigns and how to interact with the media.


  • The secret sauce to grow your career and the path to become a founder 
  • The importance of teaching how to PR people or companies the correct way and being cautious of every important detail, in order to achieve success in Public Relations.
  • What it means to build your strategy, and how it can empower your objective with the resources of public relations.
  • How to easily see the differences of the data measurement tools between marketing and PR
  • The power of interacting with a journalist. How to make sure to establish a business relationship and become valuable and relevant.
  • The formula to identifying how public relations will influence your goals

To learn more about Lexie Smith and her work, follow her on Instagram, Twitter, or you can visit her Website.

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Coffee N 5 with Nora Wendel
Episode 28
How to Be Magnetic
with Nora Wendel
Today’s guest is Nora Wendel, a women’s relationship coach and feminine magnetism expert who is eager to teach the world about self-love and self-worth.
Coffee N.5 with Daria Tsvenger
Episode 27
Priming Your Brain For Success
with Daria Tsvenger
Daria Tsvenger is a Forbes-featured mindset and life coach and founder of a self-discovery program called “The Dream Sprint.”
Coffee N 5 with Carrie Murray
Episode 26
Empowering, Gathering and Connecting
with Carrie Murray of BRA Network
Today’s guest is Carrie Murray, Founder of BRA (Business Relationship Alliance), a network of powerful female entrepreneurs devoted to advancing women-owned businesses
Consistency is Queen with Carolyn Stine
Episode 25
Consistency is Queen
with Carolyn Stine
Today’s guest is Carolyn Stine, a female founder, content coach, writer, and content creator