How Effective is LinkedIn for your Business?

When we talk about social media marketing, LinkedIn is often the odd one out. These days, many B2B and B2C companies focus their efforts on more popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram, using LinkedIn only for hiring new talent and maintaining their CVs.

That’s unfortunate because LinkedIn is a powerful tool in the right hands—and it can do much more than act as a digital resume! 

If you’re a small business owner, it’s time to reconsider your approach to LinkedIn. Underestimating this tool might mean that your brand is missing out on great opportunities for growth and development. Here’s what you should know.

Why LinkedIn Is Useful for Small Businesses?

Whether you’re running a B2B or B2C business, LinkedIn can help you on several fronts. To understand its potential, you’ll need to consider how it helps you get a foot in the door with different audiences.

A Platform to Share Content

If you’re creating any kind of valuable content that goes beyond a sales pitch, LinkedIn is a good place to share it. Sure, you’ll post your blogs, videos, and podcasts on your website and other social media accounts as well, but sharing content on LinkedIn can give you access to a different audience—and often one looking for professional solutions and business connections.

An Easier Networking Solution

All good businesses need to network, and LinkedIn makes it easy to message and manage your professional contacts. It also makes it easy to keep recent contacts warm, allowing you to make quick connections that build your relationship beyond face-to-face meetings.

A Way to Find New Clients, Employees, and More

Because it’s a business-focused platform, LinkedIn users approach it with specific goals in mind: find a job, look for business solutions, or learn more about a company, for example. Creating the right presence on LinkedIn can help you appear when B2B and B2C users need you most, no matter what they’re looking for. This can be helpful for everything from finding your next team member to putting your best face forward with investors.

A Way to Harness Your Employees

Many companies make the mistake of discouraging employees from using LinkedIn. Believing they might use it as a resource to make the leap to a different company. However, not only does this tell your employees you distrust them, it also prevents them from helping your brand. Satisfied employees make excellent brand ambassadors, and their interactions with your posts and contacts can significantly increase your brand’s visibility on the site.

How to Integrate LinkedIn With Your Business?

If you want to create an effective presence on LinkedIn. You’ll need to start with the standard best practices for any business-related social media account. For example, make sure you’re posting regular updates, engaging other users by participating in groups and discussions, and advertising. 

Of course, don’t forget that LinkedIn is a little different from other platforms. Meaning that you’ll have to account for some new best practices. For example, you’ll want to optimize your profile summary and headline with the right keywords, content, and a custom URL. Depending on how you’re using the platform, you might also want to consider springing for a paid LinkedIn membership to unlock extra options and benefits.

The right comprehensive LinkedIn strategy can help your business score new opportunities and make deeper business connections. With an effective presence, you can do everything from finding new talent to enhancing your marketing funnel to finding new business partners! If you’re ready to optimize your business’s digital strategies. Make sure to check out my other blog posts for more tips.


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