How To Increase Your Email Open Rates with Good Subject Lines

Email marketing refers to the strategy of using emails to send messages to people in mass quantities. It’s a superpower for everyone doing business as developing a great email marketing plan can help you connect with your target audience in a personalized way at an affordable cost. 

To know how well your email is performing, make sure to use the data that your email service provider gives. Remember, what matters most is the conversion rate. A fundamental measure of success in email marketing is your email open rates.

How To Write a Great Subject Line

A great subject line gets people hooked. Authenticity is important in writing a subject line. It’s important to have a specific brand voice. Your brand voice should resonate with your audience and help them connect with you which will in turn make them want to engage. One of the most common email marketing mistakes a lot of brands make is not sticking to a specific brand tone.

Also, reinforce the idea of what you’re offering and be clear. A few points to writing a good subject line are: 

  1. Never lie to the audience. Always stay true to your product and your offer. Be honest about the sales. Lying can mean disappointing your customers, and that is bad for business.
  2. Create unique and interesting subject lines.
  1. Use numbers and values. Be specific enough.
  1.  Don’t try to copy your competitors. You’re different, so be unique. Know your niche and your target audience. Write subject lines that will connect with them. 
  1.  Personalize your subject line.

It’s important that your readers feel you are talking to them individually, not generally. This is the secret to great copywriting. 

You can personalize your subject lines by adding the name of your subscribers or a detail specific to them.

  1. Be intriguing and enticing. 

There has to be top-notch storytelling to connect your audience. You can ask a question that requires feedback.

  1. Don’t over-promise and under-deliver. 

How To Increase Your Email Open Rates with Good Subject Lines

  • Use words that have been proven to increase email open rates.

This includes words like available, new, prettiest, freebie, your, and soon.

  • Eliminate words that can reduce open rates and provoke spam filters. 

Such words or phrases include finances, this isn’t spam, increase sales, legal, and so on.

  • Include figures in your subject line.

A recent study suggests email open rates are higher when a number is present in the subject line. 

  • Add an emoji in your subject line.

Best practice recommends using one to four emojis in your subject line to boost your email open rates.

  • Ensure your email subject lines are within the right character and word length.

Most subscribers use their phones to access their email messages. You should ensure that subscribers who use mobile phones can read the entire text on the subject line.

  • Learn from your competitors.

You can research what your competitors are doing and learn from them.

By improving on something as simple as a subject line, you can hook your subscribers and boost your email open rate which can equate to increased sales. 

It’s important to learn how to pitch emails too. You can write better emails with my free pitching template.

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